About Us


Shine Star Television is first Pakistani Christian TV for Christian community and Youth in Pakistan.we believe that, through this channel many will be blessed.Lord Jesus Christ who is the master of communication,even He used the illustrations and visualization to make people understand in His parables, like lilies of mountains, birds etc. in the same way, we believe that these days, where we see information technology gadgets and social media in the light of this we are conviced to spread the living word of God in pakistan and through television we can access to every home for Christ.

in John 1:9, John wrote about Jesus that

“Jesus is true light”

which gives light to every one the same light enlighted the minds of people.

As you know, in Isa 60:1 Lord Says

“Arise and Shine”

in other word we know that our God wants us to be the light… first we know our God is the light and we are supposed to walk in His Light.

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